SAP Go Live Check

The SAP GoingLive Check is performed using integrated monitors and standard procedures supported by special tools. The results and the recommendations for system optimization can be viewed in the SAP Solution Manager in the form of an individual service report after each of the system checks.

The SAP GoingLive Check safeguards your SAP solution to a smooth start of production, which is the final milestone of a successful implementation project. This proactive service mitigates the risks that arise from non-optimal system and business process configuration. It ensures a technically robust operation from the beginning and therefore protects your business.

During this service, SAP checks the solution in a standardized procedure and gives recommendations ensuring optimal performance and system availability for the core business processes. The SAP GoingLive Check is a remote service that is performed in SAP Solution Manager and uses the end-to-end root cause analysis tools. The results are delivered in a detailed service report.

Depending on your SAP solution and contract type, you will receive a customized GoingLive Service portfolio tailored to your needs. The portfolio consists of two service sessions: Analysis and Verification. The delivery of the individual sessions takes place at key phases in the implementation project:

  • Analysis session: checks the configuration of the SAP system including the database. The session is scheduled a minimum four weeks before your start of production
  • Verification session: verifies the smooth operation and performance of the productive environment and is scheduled approximately four to six weeks after start of production

The SAP GoingLive Check delivers numerous benefits which help speed up the return on investment for your SAP solution:

  • Preparing your SAP solution so that at the start of production date, it runs with optimal performance, availability and maintainability by
    *  Providing recommendations for optimal configuration
    *  Examining performance-critical business processes
    *  Generating extensive reports with action lists and detailed suggestions for improvement
  • Providing technical guidelines to minimize unnecessary work and to avoid complications
  • In the end, you save time and money by using SAP’s experience gained in thousands of installations by avoiding complications from the very beginning. Providing technical guidelines to minimize unnecessary work and to avoid complications