SAP Licensing & Measurement

There are three core tenets that are important to understand when licensing software from SAP: •Software solution: What you are licensing from our comprehensive selection of SAP software to meet your business requirements•Deployment options: How you deploy the SAP software; for example, on premise, in a public cloud, or in a hosted private cloud•Licensing models: Various models that grant customers use of SAP software; for example, perpetual, subscription, or consumption

SAP provides several deployment options and licensing models to address different customer requirements. In the following section, we describe in detail the deployment options and licensing models available at SAP.

The structure of SAP’s licensing model is intended to maximise the inherent business benefits of SAP software by providing package licenses and named user licenses. Within the SAP solution portfolio, you can license various“packages” to support your specific business requirements and scenarios. Each of these packages is licensed according to a specific “metric” to help you determine the software capacity you need to meet your business needs. Packages and user licenses cannot be used independently from each other SAP offers three named user licenses that may be licensed in addition to the package license: • “SAP Business Expert User” • “SAP Business Analytics Professional User” • “SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Limited User” Both package and named user licenses are required when licensing SAP software, unless explicitly exempt by that software.