About Us


At InfoCorpERP, we assist you in optimising the potential of your IT systems and projects through our highly professional IT consulting service. From providing external advice and recommendations, to extending our specialised expertise, we do it all. Moreover, we also have the skills and knowledge to manage temporary projects, where hiring of permanent employees is not necessary. Our experienced and talented IT consultants can help your company stay ahead of the competition by advising you on some of the most critical issues regarding your information systems management.

Our History

InfoCorpERP is a London UK-based IT consulting company offering a complete set of Information Management IT Solutions, implementation and support services. We have been serving our clients in UK and EUROPE since 2002 and have handled all our projects with high level of professionalism clubbed with quality service.

Different businesses have different IT needs; while some rely heavily on them, others need them to just support the production of their core products. However, one cannot deny the importance of IT, and this is why there will always be a need for advice and suggestions on enhancing the performance of your IT system. Our IT consulting services can play an important role in shaping your IT system that is efficient, effective and scalable.

Our Skills
We work with organizations of all sizes, both in the UK and International.

Hands-On Experience

Create Business Case ,Establish Project Mini-Charter, Develop Work Breakdown Structure, Create Network Diagram and Critical Path, Estimate Schedule and Budget, Establish Risk Management Plan and Matrix, Manage Change Control, Create Final Project Report.

We invest in people’s skills and expertise. InfoCorpERP ensures that staff within the company are kept up to date with both technical skills and the Internet marketplace. Our staff attend relevant training courses, and expertise in implementation and production support.

We have particular skills in both IT and Management. We believe that it is this combination of skills that enables us to provide effective solutions for businesses and other organizations.

Comprehensive Set of Services that Make IT Perform for You.