Atomic UC4 – SAP Automation

UC4 has always been known for their industry-leading and innovative capabilities in scheduling applications across enterprises. UC4 continues this tradition.

SAP Automation :

Automic Automated System Copy for SAP enables you to optimize system copy processes. The System Copy Problem is Getting Worse Some SAP systems can take up to 10 days to complete an SAP system copy. That’s 10 days of unproductive time. Why? SAP does not provide the necessary tools out of the box to automate and handle the process efficiently. This means that you must use highly skilled BASIS staff to manage the process. Manual steps, along with hundreds of configuration settings, result in days – and like many organizations you have also experienced too many delays, causing non-production systems to be unavailable for days, which stalls development, testing and training activities. Automate the System Copy Process End-to-End Pre-processing – before the data on the target SAP system can be refreshed, it has to be prepared for receiving the system copy. Copy – during this stage, data is copied from the source SAP system to the target SAP system. Post-processing – the last stage of the process is the most complex, with many parameters being configured on the target system during this stage. An automated SAP system copy process can run twice as fast and require 90% fewer resources

UC4 Job Scheduling is a service that enables the enterprise to schedule and monitor computer batch jobs. The scheduler is able to initiate and manage jobs automatically by processing prepared job control scripts and statements.