Redwood CPS – Automation

Co-developed with Redwood Software, SAP CPS is the solution for process scheduling, automation and process monitoring and allows customers and partners to manage any SAP application powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform to improve operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and increase control over enterprise-wide processes. Minimizing the turnaround time for business critical transactions through optimized management of background processes will ensure that businesses can maximize the return on SAP applications and hardware investments.

SAP Central Process Scheduling centrally manages and orchestrates processes across multiple applications and organizations. SAP Central Process Scheduling:

  • is a real-time, time- and event-driven workload automation solution.
  • provides seamless integration with SAP and non-SAP applications.
  • provides seamless integration with the SAP systems management environment.
  • aligns IT processes to business needs.

Job Scheduling by SAP Central Process Scheduling
SAP Central Process Scheduling Advanced Automation and Monitoring
SAP Central Process Scheduling Increasing the Value of the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence