SAP Performance Optimisation

Performance Management of an SAP Solution

Monitoring Hardware, Databases, and SAP Basis

Workload Analysis

Identifying Performance Problems in ABAP and Java Programs

Hardware Sizing and System Distribution

Workload Distribution and Interfaces

SAP GUI and Internet Connection

Memory Management

SAP Buffering / Locks / Optimising SQL Statements / Optimising Queries to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

Optimising Search Queries Using TREX

Performance Analysis Roadmaps and Checklists

Database Monitors, Buffers, and SQL Execution Plans

Performance-Relevant Configuration Parameters and Key Figures / Selected Transaction Codes

SAP Solution Architecture – SAP Solutions and SAP Components

Client/Server Architecture

Monitoring and Optimisation Plan for an SAP Solution

Requirements of a Monitoring and Optimisation Plan

Service Level Management

Plan for Continuous Performance Optimisation

Tools and Methods for the Monitoring and Optimisation Plan

SAP Solution Manager ..