Project Management

Each project will have agreed and unique objectives as well as its own project plan, budget, timescale, deliverables and tasks. A project may also involve people from different teams within an organization who are brought together to accomplish a specific goal.

InfoCorpERP can take care of your business entire Project life cycle management.

  • Manage multiple projects or initiatives throughout various stages of the project life cycle.
  • Institute appropriate Steering and Operational Governance, and conduct project phase stage-gate reviews with Project Office Lead or Head of Project Delivery
  • Provide leadership to diagnose and overcome barriers to team/project progress
  • Resolve internal and external team conflict to ensure adherence to project schedule and budget
  • Identify project uncertainties, alternative resource plans, and other risks for both client and company. Implement mitigation strategies and contingency plans
  • Prepare overall (integrated) project management plan in conjunction with Project Sponsor/Customer and report on deliverables, outputs and progress against this plan
  • Manage project scope to ensure that requirements are analyzed, documented and agreed and the impact of any change is formally assessed, evaluated and approved
  • Provide input to the Project Charter and secure Sponsor sign-off, prepare Project Checklist and Compliance Questionnaire
  • Define policies, procedures and documentation to create, manage and control the project schedule
  • Assist in the development of the project cost baseline and measure progress and completion forecasts against it, ensuring that variances are reported and approved as necessary.
  • Demonstrate high level of financial and cost management discipline
  • Organize and lead the project team to achieve the project objectives, ensuring that team roles, responsibilities and expectations are understood and fulfilled
  • Ensure the collection, generation, distribution, storage, retrieval and timely distribution of project information to all stakeholders and project team members
  • Monitor and control project risks, implementing mechanisms to identify and analyze them as well as plan responses to them
  • Identify people, groups or organizations impacting or impacted by the project and develop strategies for engaging and communicating with them to meet their needs and expectations
  • Contribute to the continued improvement of PMO standards of performance, striving for project execution excellence